Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I'm leaving for Israel in less than 24 hours ... wait, what?!?

Over the past few weeks, I've been accumulating a bunch of stuff for this experience. When the UPS or FedEx delivery person, or even our mail carrier, would stop by our office with a new package, I couldn't wait to tear into it! Whether it was bowling balls, our team and competition apparel, a box of assorted bowling accessories (shoe covers, tape, etc.), or the American flags I got to help decorate the hotel, the items kept coming and the pile o'stuff at my apartment kept growing.

Between all the packages, all my equipment, and all my clothing, I had amassed a nice "wall of fun" in my apartment. Various boxes and bags lined the wall, soon to be replaced by various piles of all the contents. Somehow, it all fit in my bags, though I wouldn't be surprised if my suitcase is over the weight limit (N.B. it was,  but not enough for El Al to charge).

The evening began with me stopping in every store I could think of to buy a very important accessory -- a personal fan to use at the bowling center during competition. When you bowl, especially in warm conditions, your hands tend to swell, a lot. While there is an air vent on the ball return, it's not practical to stand there the entire time. Not only does it prevent those who are actually taking their turn from using the vent, but when bowling with nine others on the lanes, if everyone crowded around that little vent, it would be the most sought after location in the entire center.

I had wanted to get a small, AA battery-operated fan. Turn it on and the blades spin around. Should be easy, right? WRONG. Of all the stores I went to (about a dozen in all), I found only one and the blades looked like they would rip off at any time for almost no reason at all.

Finally, I made my last stop before going to the bowl for a final few games before departure. This store wasn't producing anything either, but I finally found a small-ish, table-top, D battery-operated fan. Hopefully it will work well and will be worth the hassle. I guess it will be fun for the whole family (or at least whoever is bowling near me).

I was happy with my last games of practice. I've been subbing the past few weeks on Tuesdays in a doubles league (4 games) at T-Bowl. The first three weeks, I shot 959, 921, and 834 (mostly because it took me until the last game to actually get my game in order). I knew I wanted not only good scores but a night of quality shots to complete my at-home practice on a high note. 237-239-241-228 / 945. I was throwing the ball well, getting good reactions on the lanes, and was pleased that the IQ Tour Pearl finally started reacting well for me (I had my doubts based on the few times I used it but knew I'd figure it out, too).

Ok ... now I'm ready ... to finish packing (but you already read about that!)

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