Monday, July 1, 2013

Acquiring the Tools and Keeping my Sanity

It’s hard to believe that 16 months of planning – including hundreds of phone calls and e-mails, countless conversations, numerous disagreements, and tons of laughs along the way – will soon reach its zenith. During these 16 months, if you’d have asked me if I thought I’d actually make it to this point, the answer would have changed by the day – sometimes by the hour! Yes, it’s been that kind of ride but I’m so glad to be along for the fun.

Before I get into the history, let me give a snapshot of the present and paint a road map for the next month. The final leg of this adventure begins on July 10 and I’m slowly acquiring all the tools I need for my three weeks in Israel as part of the 19th World Maccabiah Games, sometimes referred to as the “Jewish Olympics.” I’ve received my team and competition apparel, I’ve drilled my new equipment (thanks Storm Bowling for your support), and I’m gathering all the odds-and-ends I’ll need to keep my sanity (which is more “odds” than “ends,” in case you are keeping track).

I’m also trying to get in as much quality practice as possible – subbing on Tuesdays at T-Bowl; practicing with my teammate, Uri Peled, roughly once a week; even trekking up to Connecticut to bowl a NEBA stop with my friend and competitor, Paul Loberman of Great Britain (though he is now a proud U.S. resident, just saying). And I’m trying to get all the details in place to be away from my beloved Congregation Beth Sholom in Teaneck for three weeks – while our rabbi and executive assistant are in Israel, as well (talk about great timing). To say there is never a dull moment is the ultimate understatement.

What can you expect in this blog over the next month? Well, you’ll get a play-by-play of what we are doing, where we are going, and how we are faring in competition. Along the way, you’ll meet my Maccabi Bowling Family and will get a bird’s-eye view into what life is like when we get together. Above all, you’ll have a chance to experience the highs and lows of the Maccabiah from the comfort of your office/living room/bedroom, etc. Though it won’t nearly be as much fun, I hope you’ll have a lot of good laughs (mostly with us, sometimes at our expense) as we experience all the Maccabiah has to offer and throws our way.

A quick disclaimer: while I hope you check back daily to read this blog and keep up with all the activities (and the hijinx that ensue), please know in advance that some posts (or parts, thereof) will be written in “bowler-ese”. This blog will not only serve as a means to connect everyone to what is taking place in Israel, but will also be my diary to capture what happens on the lanes. Some of that will be technical and I promise I’ll try to not bog you down with too much jargon. If you come across a blog post that is filled with references about “angles,” “axis rotation,” “carrydown,” “pin carry,” or some other unfamiliar terms and your eyes start to glaze over as you stare at the screen, push through and, I promise, you’ll come across something funny or stupid that will entertain – and maybe inspire – you.

More to come … there is still plenty to share about all that transpired which got us to this moment. Get comfortable and keep your favorite snack handy. We’ve got a great month to come and I’m glad you are coming along for the adventure.

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